After RRR's popularity throughout the world, SS Rajamouli has announced a new movie called "Made In India."

Following the huge success of "RRR," SS Rajamouli will deliver a movie about the beginning and development of Indian cinema. 'Made in India' is the name of the latest biopic.

The biopic's producers are Varun Gupta and SS Karthikeya, the son of Rajamouli. Nitin Kakkar will direct the biopic.

SS Rajamouli, who has captivated fans with epic films like "RRR," "Baahbuali," and others, is about to release yet another film on a similarly grand scale.

The much praised director is attempting to deliver a film that tells the history of Indian cinema.

Universal acclaim was accorded to SS Rajamouli RRR's directing, screenplay, performances by the actors, music, action scenes, and visual effects.

The movie was just the second non-English language movie to ever make it onto the National Board of Review's selection of the 10 finest movies of the year.

The 95th Academy Awards saw the song "Naatu Naatu" win the Best Original Song prize, making it the first song from an Asian film as well as an Indian film to do so.