Pakistani Army General Iqbal wants revenge on Tara Singh for escaping and defeating soldiers.

In 1971, Tara supplies goods to the Indian army and lives with his family.

Tara is asked to supply weapons during the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971.

Iqbal spots Tara and captures him at the border.

Jeete, Tara's son, leaves for Pakistan to rescue his father.

Jeete gets a job at Kurban Khan's hotel to help Tara and befriends Muskaan.

Jeete discovers Tara was never captured.

Tara reunites with Sakeena, while Jeete is in prison.

Tara and Jeete escape with the help of Muskaan and Kurban Khan.

They face challenges, but in the end, Tara, Jeete, and Muskaan unite and return to India.