India’s Top 10 Most Expensive Foods:

Gold Plated Dosa: A Luxurious Twist on a South Indian Classic (INR 1,011)

White Truffle and Gold Pizza: A Pizza with a Difference (INR 5,000)

Zarkhez Kebab: A Royal Delicacy Fit for a King (INR 6,200)

Almas Caviar: The World’s Most Expensive Caviar (INR 1 Lakh per KG)

Nalli Nihari: A Classic Mughlai Dish (INR 3,800)

Saffron Biryani: The King of Biryani (INR 6,500)

Dal Bukhara: A Creamy Delight (INR 995)

Lobster Curry: A Seafood Delight (INR 4,800)

Avocado Ice Cream: A Uniquea Dessert (INR 450)

Wagyu Steak: The Ultimate Meat Experience (INR 9,000)