Sharon Stone, the acclaimed actress, recently shared a harrowing experience of sexual harassment during her career in the film industry.

Stone revealed the incident on "Let’s Talk Off Camera" podcast, recounting an unsettling encounter with a former Sony executive in the 1980s.

Excited to meet the Sony head, Stone described her attire – a Ralph Lauren jacket, denim skirt, and cowboy boots. She was met with inappropriate behavior during the meeting.

Stone detailed the uncomfortable meeting where the executive exposed himself, leaving her in a state of shock and hysterics.

The executive showered Stone with inappropriate compliments, contributing to a hostile and uncomfortable work environment.

Stone's reaction to the harassment was a mix of laughter and tears, a coping mechanism in the face of an uncomfortable situation.

Stone highlighted that this was not an isolated incident, hinting at a pervasive issue in the film industry.

Stone expressed her willingness to accept apologies from those who mistreated her but issued a warning to maintain a respectful distance.