The Epic of Mahabharata: A Tale of Honor and Destiny

The Origin

Unearth the ancient roots of Mahabharata, where two noble families, the Pandavas and Kauravas, face a fateful conflict.

The Great War

Discover the gripping narrative of the Kurukshetra War, as Arjuna grapples with moral dilemmas on the battlefield.

Krishna's Wisdom

Unveil the divine guidance of Lord Krishna to Arjuna, imparting profound teachings on duty, righteousness, and devotion.

Bhishma's Vow

Learn about Bhishma's solemn vows and his role as the valiant patriarch in the heart of the conflict.

Draupadi's Strength

Witness Draupadi's resilience and courage as she navigates through trials and emerges as a symbol of feminine power.

Explore the complex character of Karna, torn between loyalty and his true lineage, in this tragic tale of destiny.

Karna: The Tragic Hero

The Dice Game

Dive into the pivotal moment of the dice game that sets the stage for the great war, driven by envy and manipulation.

Eklavya's Sacrifice

Discover the story of Eklavya, a humble archer whose loyalty and sacrifice leave an indelible mark on the epic.

Lessons of Dharma

Reflect on the ethical dilemmas faced by characters, unraveling the intricate layers of dharma and righteousness.